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    Tengzhou Feitian Laser Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of laser photoelectric detection system of scientific research driven enterprise. The company has 11 years of technical research and development, product design and complete sets of equipment manufacturing experience. The company with the perfect personnel training, advanced technical reserves, efficient management and excellent service ability among the security perimeter alarm system, intelligent traffic control automation equipment, photoelectric detection induced by photoelectric detector production industry. In 2010 the company introduced the brand strategy to enable the "飞天激光", "FETNLASER" two major brands, and strive for the next 10 years, in the field of laser optoelectronic high-end applications to become China's well-known brands. Flying laser strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality management system and CE certification standards, technology as the guide, and constantly develop and optimize the product. The company's products to a wide range of laser perimeter alarm system, laser intrusion detector, laser, ultra high speed, the line detection system, laser photoelectric switch and a number of 'high' and 'fine' and 'sharp' products, and has been widely used in energy, transportation, military, scientific research, health, justice Wen Bo Institute of industrial and mining enterprises.
    Flying laser products is stable, safe and reliable, continuous petrochemical pipeline transmission pressure station, oil tank, high speed rail substation, underground parking lot, airport parking apron, prison walls, detention center security, power substation, border posts and other high-end warning perimeter guard domain to provide a strong support, but also provide qualified products for civilian photoelectric detection and wide market. With the continuous development of the company's products in various industries, the strength of the company continues to grow, the impact of the flying laser brand has also been enhanced!

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