Prison perimeter security system
The prison perimeter security system working principle: when someone invasion damage, the laser correlation of monitoring to alert, by sector address alarm signal transmission module to management center of the large communication alarm host, the alarm host in accurate electronic map shows the location of the case, at the same time linkage surveillance cameras to capture of invasion of personnel, and by sound and light alarm, text messages, such as the telephone of a variety of ways, hints of security personnel quickly confirmed alert in a timely manner to the scene, in order to ensure personal and property safety. This scheme has been widely used in petroleum and petrochemical pipeline distribution and pressure station, oil depot tank area, high-speed railway substation, subway parking lot, airport apron, prison wall, detention house internal security, power substation, border guard post and other high-end perimeter prevention fields.
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Platform to cross the line
With the continuous progress and rapid development of the railway industry, China's passenger volume increased, from the other hand, the personal safety of passengers brought a severe test.Personal injuries, such as falling off a platform or being scratched by a train, can cause delays and serious life-threatening injuries.In view of the above situation, shandong feitian photoelectric technology co., ltd. launched the "platform crossing line protection warning system."The system has platform intelligent radar crossing detector, center software, IP network voice reminder and other functional parts.Platform intelligent radar line-crossing detector carries out real-time detection on the train and passengers approaching the station. The detection signal is transmitted through TCP network to the central software, which carries out logical analysis and judgment, and prompts and shouts for passengers crossing the line through IP network voice reminder, so as to protect the safety of passengers and the order of the platform.1 personality Settings, click on me.
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Overheight vehicle detection
Working principle of this system: when the height of a vehicle exceeds the preset height, the laser detection equipment will immediately issue instructions for the warning LED display in front to remind the driver that the vehicle is too high, at the same time, the sound and light warning will be turned on, and the safe driving route will be provided to induce the vehicle to bypass.This scheme is suitable for bridge, tunnel, highway and other fields.
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Urban integrated pipe gallery
Integrated pipeline corridor is the comprehensive pipeline corridor of underground city, which integrates various engineering pipelines such as electric power, communication, gas, heating, water supply and drainage, and implements unified planning, design, construction and management. It is an important infrastructure and "lifeline" to guarantee urban operation.If the underground pipe corridor pipeline failure, or its own auxiliary equipment failure, will cause the function of the city along the paralysis, so the construction of urban comprehensive pipe corridor monitoring and alarm system is of great significance.In order to ensure the safe operation of urban comprehensive pipe gallery equipment, flying laser introduces a complete set of solutions for urban comprehensive pipe gallery project according to the current national standards of comprehensive pipe gallery safety prevention system, combined with the company's own products and a full set of solution service capabilities.
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    Feitian Committed to laser detection technology as the core, 14 years of professional research and development and production of detection equipment, covering 6 series of more than 40 kinds of products, with 16 patents.

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    Feitian provides complete system solutions for users in different industries, including perimeter security solutions (prison system, power system, rail transit industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, general perimeter, etc.), road super high detection program, railway station cross-line detection Scheme, high-voltage line anti-outbreak scheme, etc.

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    Feitian has its own R&D team, which can provide customized services according to the needs of different customers, including the appearance and function of the products.

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