Portable Laser Linear Radar

The existing security technology and preventive measures are mostly fixed installed perimeter detector equipment, which has high cost of installation and debugging, inconvenient application, and is not suitable for temporary alert or short alert period. Combining the security application characteristics of various industries and fields, our company has successfully developed a portable laser linear radar detector with higher scientific and technological content, which is intelligent, convenient and practical. Has successfully applied and solved the airport, military bases, weapons and ammunition depots, bank vaults, museums, car accident scene and other temporary alert and defense needs. And combined with the daily management work of various industries, constantly meet the needs of users intelligent comprehensive management.

Download parameters
Product parameters
Product model:FT-JGXL-1000P
Laser wave length:905nm
Alert distance:0-1000m
Battery capacity:7.8Ah
Product dimension:151mm(L)×241mm(W)×281mm(H)
Protection level:IP65
Working environment temperature: -40℃~70℃
Product features
1.Super convenient: it integrates power supply, warning light, laser radar detection and signal control system, zero wiring, no debugging, no need to install, and can be deployed anytime and anywhere.
2.Long standby: built-in large capacity lithium ion battery,  72 hours standby time.
3.On-site warning: equipped with 120db high-power alarm and high-brightness alarm light, to achieve on-site alarm.
4.Accurate detection: imported laser tube and pulse detection technology can achieve accurate detection within 1km.
5.High intelligence: it can realize intelligent segmented warning distribution, and the equipment itself has anti-dismantling and anti-theft protection functions.
6.IP65 protection: fully sealed design, protection level up to IP65, normal use in rain and snow.
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