Vibration fiber optic alarm system

Vibration fiber optic alarm system application range

The vibrating cable perimeter warning system can be applied to places such as flammable, explosive and strong magnetic interference, such as liquefied gas plants, dangerous goods warehouses, chemical plants, military supplies warehouses, etc., and can also be applied to the prevention of key facilities and areas, such as Electronic facilities anti-theft, oil and gas pipeline anti-vandalism, urban railway signal line anti-theft, Olympic village perimeter prevention, airport perimeter prevention, border line anti-intrusion, etc., can also replace traditional precautions for ordinary perimeter places, Such as waterworks, residents living in the community, villa community and other perimeter places!

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Vibration fiber optic alarm system

Vibration fiber optic system takes sensing fiber optic cable as sensing unit to monitor and control the vibration signals of Vibration Fiber in real time and continuously by touching directly or passing through the carrier (such as earth covering, wire mesh, fence, wall, etc.).
Vibration fiber supports multi-scene installation, such as wall-mounted, wall-mounted, net-mounted, buried and other common scenes, because of its passive front-end, it is very suitable for inflammable and explosive sites, but also suitable for longer peripheral projects, such as airports.

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Animal Management Electric Fence Security Solution


Animals can cause major damage to a property. Stray animals such as dogs, cattle, goats and pigs not just damage the foliage but also dirty the place with their excretions.To stop stray animals from entering the property the most commonly used fence .All fencing can be divided into two types: physical barriers and psychological barriers.


Solution 1

Physical barriers work to create physical obstructions to block cattle movement, such as by using barb wire fencing, rail fences, board fences, or page wire fences.



1.High-precision tension sensor can detect tiny tension changes.

2.Multiple alarm monitoring: alarms for cable tension, slack, shearing, tampering, power failure, etc.

3.Adaptive temperature changes, capable of automatic tracking.

4.Anti-climbing alarm: the front-end fence detection rod, bearing rod, and steering rod have anti-climbing alarm function.

5.Environmental adaptation: the wire rope can be automatically tightened according to changes in the external environment and climate, and the alert can be adjusted tension value.

6.The front steel cable is not charged, and it is widely used in farms, ranches, schools, oil depots, ammunition depots and other occasions.


Technical parameter:


Working current

≤125m A

Working voltage

AC24V or DC24V

Host defense zone

single or double optional

Alarm output

normally open and normally closed

Ambient temperature


Environmental humidity


Defense zone line system

4 lines (expandable to 8 lines)

Siren output

12V 800mA

Case material

aluminum alloy





Psychological livestock fencing, like electric fences, work because cattle are easily trained to fear getting 'zapped' by an angry little wire, which makes them voluntarily resist pressuring the cattle fence.

Working principle:

The series energy control system includes a high-voltage pulse generator and a front-end conductive cable. The high-voltage pulse generator periodically generates a high-voltage pulse with a duration of 100us (about 1/10,000s) When an animal approaches and touches the conductive cable at the front end, the charged cable will give a strong high-voltage blow to the animal that touches it. Although the pulse lasts for a short time, the 12KV high voltage is enough to touch Its animals give a severe warning. After the animals receive this "severe warning", they will form a conditioned reflex and will no longer easily touch the front live cables. Animals in the area will be surrounded by the front live cables. Activities in the area to achieve the purpose of captive animals.



1. Power supply mode:adaptor(voltage range 110VAC-40VAC);DC12V battery;Solar panel power supply.

2. Working mode selection:1.5s and 2.5s are free to switch;Day and night intelligent automatic recognition,Working mode can automatically switch;the output energy can be adjusted;

3. The LCD displays the working status of the host(output voltage,input power,pulse cycle,working mode and etc),LED indicator power supply and output voltage strength;

4.The controller is waterproof and dustproof;

5. The host is equipped with wireless remote control function,supports remote seeting operation,and the wireless frequency is 433MHz,1527 code,which can be matched with the remot control of this frequency code.(Optional) ;


Technical parameter:


Power supply

DC12V or 12V battery, or solar powered

Maximum energy transmission distance


Output voltage

8-12KV adjustable

5-level LED lights dynamically indicate high-voltage output voltage or power supply battery voltage

The pulse period is adjustable from 1s to 2.5s, and the working modes : day and night can be automatically switched

When the battery voltage is lower than 11.5V or the previous pulse voltage output is too low, the indicator flashes and alarms

Energy consumption


Maximum energy output

2J or 5J


Installation drawing:


Application cases:

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