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Principle of laser to radio alarm

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The laser shooting warning system belongs to the active intrusion alarm system. A laser transmitter and receiver are installed in the warning area, and the result of the receiving and sending of the laser can form a laser fence in the prevention area. The receiver transmitter can be one hundred meters away to outside emit multiple parallel invisible laser beam in the laser signal received by the receiver, and the transmitter after the formation of a complete optical path, when the invaders, they will block the laser receiving optical pathway, so as to realize the terminal alarm.


Laser alarm on the radio alarm system is a branch of anti-theft alarm, laser emitter perimeter alarm system is mainly to prevent illegal persons from non entrance without our permission set illegally intruded into the area, so as to avoid the potential risk of life and property. The surrounding area of effective protection, provide timely alarm over the behavior; before the laser shot of the perimeter alarm system application scope is relatively small, is mainly used in some key sites, but with updated technology and development of laser emitter perimeter alarm system has been used in other industries, such as residential, bank the factory, and so on, so the laser emitter perimeter alarm system every year in continuous expansion.


Laser alarm emitter perimeter system is generally front-end switch signal output detection equipment connected with the alarm host, the other is to rely on the bus management, then the software installed on the computer. As for the front end detection equipment, it is more, such as electronic fence, leak detection, vibration detection, infrared detection, laser beam detection, microwave detection, the electronic fence and tension, high voltage electronic pulse, with electrostatic induction and so on all of these is to achieve the same objective detection according to the different physical principle.


Laser systems generally have the following characteristics of shot perimeter alarm:


The distance detection, low false alarm rate


Laser intrusion detection system with the similar active detection system compared to the harsh climate adaptability significantly enhanced. The power density of the laser beam emitted from the large, small divergence angle, beam focus, good direction, using the same power device under the condition of the 100 meters, the target received power density of laser beam is infrared light emitting diode beam several times, and through rain, snow, fog, wind force is strong, greatly reduced the rate of false positives.
Strong anti-interference, no interference on other devices


Laser alarm system for its strong anti electromagnetic interference, and equipment area, except for warning the laser beam propagation pathway without any electromagnetic interference. Because the laser divergence angle, beam, beam transmission only in a closed circuit, when connecting transmission or small turning angle in transmission line direction using multiple laser detectors, crosstalk phenomenon were not generated by the infrared detector, thereby eliminating the resulting leakage alarm infrared detector. No light scattering or pollution to the surrounding environment.


Against strong


1) can implement continuous cross protection, without mutual interference problems.


2) can be implemented, spatial distribution of multi beam plane independent.




1) laser intrusion detector response time can be adjusted between 10ms-500ms (response time similar active detector in 50ms-500ms), according to the different equipment installation site environment to adjust the response time, to adapt to a wider range of environment.


2) can work in -40 C ~ 70 C environment, without any electric heater.


3) laser alarm system output for potential contact can be compatible with other systems.


Accurate positioning


Laser alarm system for shooting perimeter in general will be divided into several zones protection region, once a standoff has an alarm, the alarm will be sent immediately to the laser emitter perimeter alarm system will give alarm host defense, so as to achieve accurate positioning function.




Laser has a linkage alarm emitter perimeter alarm system, once the illegal intruder into our deployment area, then the laser beam generated around the perimeter alarm system linkage for monitoring, automatic steering alarm center monitor screen area, automatically switch to the alarm zone, DVR automatically on the sector image recording, the scene alarm lights as.


Laser emitter perimeter alarm system adopts the peripheral active multi beam laser detection equipment is arranged in the area of prevention, and with the prevention of regional closed-circuit television monitoring system, so the laser emitter perimeter alarm system scalability strong.


Use range


Can be widely used in railway, subway, factories and mines, oil fields, oil depots, vault, wharf, library, bank, power stations, museums, exhibition halls, schools, hotels, farms, airports, prisons, military, armory, border security and defense of indoor and outdoor places.

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