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The flying laser to shoot the product first to apply in the 500kV high voltage transformer substation!

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    How the laser beam are applied to high intensity electromagnetic environment, each laser perimeter biggest difficulties and challenges faced by enterprises alarm. High voltage transformer substation is a special region with high strength electromagnetic environment. 500KV substation is more serious because of its large capacity and high system voltage. The main electromagnetic disturbance and its causes and ways of transmission are: 1, high voltage isolation switch and circuit breaker operation. These operations may cause oscillatory waves contain various frequency components in the bus or line bus, and the equivalent antenna, the energy to the surrounding radiation, while the direct coupled devices connected to the bus or line to the two loop. 2, lightning line, frame or control building. Direct lightning strike to the outdoor line or frame, there will be a large current into the grounding grid, the two cable from the lightning strike in the harassment voltage up to 30 kV, the frequency of up to a few mhz. 3, close to the high voltage line by its power frequency electromagnetic field effect. 4, partial discharge (corona, along the surface discharge) can produce high frequency electromagnetic radiation, can cause electromagnetic disturbance in the circuit of electronic equipment. 5, the power supply itself is a problem. Such as voltage fluctuation, voltage sag, short interruption, power frequency variation and harmonics, etc.. 6, the effect of electrostatic discharge may cause the device to lose its function.
    Laser intrusion detector with high intensity electromagnetic environment in this, whether the effective anti electromagnetic disturbance is one of the important performance must have. Laser intrusion detector of the company, shell port Aluminum Alloy fully closed structure. The environment through the shell port reliable grounding, can effectively prevent the electromagnetic field through the boundary or into the internal radiation detector. Power port through an independent built-in EMI filter, overvoltage, short circuit protection of the switch power access, to prevent the disturbance from the power port to enter. Signal port for the relay contact output, isolated from the internal circuit to prevent interference from the signal cable into the detector circuit board.
    I company R & D and production of three laser beam flying intrusion detector in November 20, 2013 successfully applied to the national grid Shandong Power Grid Corp of Binzhou 500kV substation and 500kV substation of Dongying City perimeter protection project.

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