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Functional advantages of the flying laser intrusion detector

Release time:9/23/2016 3:11:23 PM   edit:    Browse volume:0

    Flying XD series laser perimeter intrusion detector is composed of a laser transmitter, a laser receiver, with one or more bundles of independent laser beam line. For laying in the fence, the fence wall and the top surface of the cement ground, a long distance line or narrow light wall.
(1), excellent laser properties, high quality:
1, laser intrusion detection system with the similar active detector compared to the harsh climate adaptability significantly enhanced. The laser beam of high power density, small divergence angle, beam focus, good direction, in the use of the same power device under the condition that the power density of the beam is infrared receiver receiver beam power density of hundreds to thousands of times. Thus in the same climatic conditions, the laser transmission attenuation is far less than other similar detectors, and penetration ability, the detection distance can reach hundreds to thousands meters, greatly reducing the false alarm caused by climate and environment.
, 2 laser monochromaticity, good direction, no crosstalk between each other, can meet the needs of higher level security requirements.
(two), convenient installation and debugging, stable operation:
1, the transmitter is equipped with laser precision adjustment fixing device can be installed debugging accurately and quickly in any environment, completely eliminate the laser beam drift phenomenon, and maintain the equipment in good vibration resistance and lasting stability.
2, receiver with optical filtering by special treatment and light collection system, can effectively shield external stray light interference and light signal amplification effectively, greatly reducing the false alarm rate of products.
3, equipment power supply by multistage isolation technology, is not influenced by the external power supply fluctuation, greatly improve the running stability of the equipment, ensure the service life of the product.
4, with all metal structure, and can be used directly on the wall or the side wall of the bracket.
(three), fortification of flexible configuration, high precision of prevention:
, 1 for linear continuous layout and small angle layout does not exist when the interference of the laser system, according to the need to implement continuous / cross deployment in important area.
2, the laser system can implement multi-channel independent beam plane distribution, thus warning plane form very tight.
, 3 laser detector can be implemented without the law of cross layout, space defense system can be composed of concealment stronger.
(four), wide adaptability, good versatility:
1, can work at -40 DEG ~70 DEG environment, without any electric heater.
, 2 laser alarm system output relay without potential contact can be compatible with other systems.
(five), strong anti-interference, no interference on other devices:
, 1 laser a strong anti electromagnetic interference, and equipment area, except for warning the laser beam propagation pathway without any electromagnetic interference.
2, because the laser divergence angle, beam focus, when using multiple laser detector receives the transmission direction in a straight line or small turning angle transmission, no crosstalk generated by the infrared detector, thereby eliminating the resulting leakage alarm infrared detector.
(six), simple construction, high cost performance:
By Ding this system with a laser beam to a plane or three-dimensional protection line, set the system according to the point, compared to the continuous setting above the ground wire and cable tension control device for vibration and other entities which have the advantages of low cost, (the distance is far more obvious superiority), less construction, and hidden advantages well, the layout of decency.

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