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Development of laser intrusion detector

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    In recent years, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, the crime of intelligent, complicated and subtle strengthen, therefore, promotes the safety on the device or whether the function of the system will have the rapid development of the detector is single function, primary products into high-tech products of various technology for compound prevention technical means. China's security technology is in the process of fighting with the criminals in the process of development. With the increasing maturity and reliability of electronic and other technologies, security equipment has been greatly developed.
    Although only a small contingent detector security family, but it is the alarm system plays a key role, especially in recent years, digital products are constantly updated, so that the product has been greatly improved in technical performance, the degree of market acceptance of universal promotion. At the same time, the development of residential areas and other civilian market also led to the growth of the industry further.
Present situation of detector industry
In the Chinese market, it is mainly based on active infrared detector, passive infrared detector, microwave and passive infrared combined detector, magnetic switch detector. In the overall detector market, the low-end market to domestic products, accounting for about 70% of the proportion of high-end market is still dominated by imported brands, accounting for about 60%. The laser application in the detector, Tengzhou Shandong flying Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a unique.
With capacity detector market, commercial competition is increasingly fierce, the specific performance reflected in the price of the product, especially with long time detector technology does not update, similar products more and more, the general decline in prices prompted the infrared detector. With the development in recent years, although the performance of domestic products and foreign products is gradually narrowing the gap between, but because the detector Chinese product development time is relatively short, especially the fine degree of high-tech products in the technical parameters also need further development, the market was offset detector.
The anti-theft detector is the first implementation of China market access system of security products, after several years of rapid development, especially in 2003 the implementation of the mandatory "3C" certification system, provides a new platform for the further development of this industry. At present, many manufacturers with the civilian detector business continues to expand, have joined the market, competition is becoming fierce, but there are more and more manufacturers to see, only the continuous technological innovation, in order to truly keep ahead in the industry. China detector market growth, also need more such contributions for the common development of the industry, a person of noble aspirations of their wits.
Laser technology applied to detector
Practice has proved that the technology is stagnant, can only hinder the pace of market development. Moreover, changes depend on the original air defense and the original simple means of prevention of crime has been unable to cope with the technology and methods, can not meet people "MoGaoYiChe, DaoGaoYiZhang" expectations. At the same time, at present the area perimeter, building an outdoor environment surrounding the alarm system is the basic use of the United States, Japan and other foreign production of infrared intrusion detector. Due to the inherent limitations of the infrared light emitting diode, the overall performance and the index changes little in the last decade, and the greater instability and false alarm rate are exposed in the long distance and bad weather.
Laser intrusion detector is a kind of active intrusion detector. Mainly composed of a laser transmitter and a laser receiver. The system is set up in the beginning of the end of the laser transmitter protection area, the directional emitted laser beam (or directly through the optical reflector, or by turning toward the goal at the laser repeater). At the receiver at the destination through the photoelectric device will receive optical signals into electrical signals and the characteristics, processing discriminator. When the confirmation signal is normal, show red, keep monitoring state; and when the beam is blocked when the signal abnormal, showing a green light, while the output alarm signal, thus forming the laser beam on the whole journey or turning frame monitoring. The alarm and control actions are sent out by the alarm control host, and the relevant departments are informed by wired or wireless way.
In view of the advantages of laser light source, this system has the following characteristics:
1 suitable for long distance work. The direction of the laser beam is very good, so the light energy is concentrated, and the transmission efficiency is very high. Under the same conditions, the laser power density of the 100m or 200m is several hundred times of the power density of the infrared detector. So the transmission distance is farther, and stronger ability to penetrate the snow. In order to ensure the normal operation of the instrument, and can reduce the false alarm rate of bad weather.
2 closed circuit transmission, no mutual interference. The laser beam is a closed circuit transmission, so there is no infrared radiation detector in a straight line or adjacent system to interfere with each other. Also there is no leakage around the infrared interference of other sensitive infrared equipment problems.

3 the ability to resist external stray light and electromagnetic interference. Reasonable optical receiver and high power density transmitter make the system have strong anti-interference ability. It can make the system work normally in the environment of serious interference by using the advantages of the laser beam's monochromatic and controllable spot size.
4 integrated layout, to adapt to a wide range of. Compared with the single infrared radiation detector, this product can be called laser integrated space layout system. The emitting light beam can be used for shooting, reflecting and receiving the original place. Can also form a plane, three-dimensional layout.
5 site commissioning quick, easy to repair. The system is provided with a special laser positioning device, which can conveniently detect the position of the spot. Propagation process where there are branches, leaves and other obstacles to shelter, turning or receiving the direction and distance of the center of the beam from the center of the direction and distance can be directly determined, and therefore can be adjusted accurately and quickly.
6 total project cost performance, long service life and low maintenance cost. Careful design of the configuration scheme can make full use of the characteristics of the laser system, significantly reduce the cost of the purchase of equipment, reduce the amount of construction, reduce the impact on the environment. System maintenance, the replacement of the laser tube is very convenient. Some imported products will not be able to repair, local damage caused by a full set of system scrapped.
From the market perspective, alarm system for a wide range of products, new products constantly, but the core technology is stagnant; from the user's perspective, the new anti-theft alarm business technology only for attractive vitality.
Everything is money
With the security business from the high-end market to the civilian market, the alarm technology is bound to be subject to market demand.
In fact, from the technical research and development and related products manufacturing perspective, laser technology has been relatively mature, but as you can see, few domestic enterprises in the application of laser technology in the domestic anti-theft alarm, and actively promote the development of laser technology enterprises are mostly equipment providers, lack of power production enterprises, the reason. The problem lies in the market to be perfect, although some enterprises to participate in the cooperative project, is expanding laser intrusion detector camp, but strength still need a period of time.
In the engineering business accounted for most of the security industry, only when development of intelligent community gradually improve, people's sense of safety to a certain level, the alarm detection technology will have a breakthrough in the development of new technology, in order to become a magic weapon to win the market.
From outside the box
Laser technology how to attract more users do? It is true that the introduction of any new technology, if you want to be fully recognized by the market, must go through a long period of hard work of entrepreneurs.
However, the application of laser technology in intrusion detector to really get vigorously the implementation and promotion of commercial operation, also need appropriate, find a good profit model, when the market for laser technology acceptance and impetus to further improve, laser technology will bring unimaginable social and economic benefits. Tengzhou flying Laser Technology Co. Ltd. will continue to work with customers and the industry together, the laser intrusion detector to promote the high-end market, will expand the application of laser technology to security, intelligent traffic and wider fields.

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