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Laser intrusion detector and its application

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Since 1960s the world's first ruby laser was born, people also developed thousands of new lasers, the technology is widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture and national defense, medical, and science and technology, and show more attractive good prospects. In recent years, very rapid development of the security technology industry has been looking forward to joining the new laser. After nearly five years of efforts, Tengzhou Shandong flying Laser Technology Co., Ltd. developed a semiconductor laser to detect the source, and make the relevant technology all practical laser intrusion detector. With the combination of optical and electronic components, and with the corresponding alarm control host matching, can form a new powerful, unique structure of the laser intrusion alarm system.
First, the basic principles and characteristics of laser
The laser emitter (Laser) is mainly composed of working material, optical resonant cavity and excitation source. The working substance is the core of the laser, which is distributed with a large number of atoms, molecules or ions that can emit a laser. All kinds of lasers can produce laser with different wavelength, which is mainly the energy level structure of these active particles. Excitation (Beng Pu) source is the energy source of the laser. The laser working substance is different, and the form of the excitation method and the source of the excitation is also different.
Optical resonator is a device that can realize the reciprocating oscillation of stimulated emission and the direction and wavelength of the output beam.
Using optical or electrical excitation source, the energy of laser materials to achieve population inversion, the photon stimulated radiation flow along the optical axial cavity can be continuously enlarged, one end of the emitted laser beam is strong, its high brightness, best direction, single frequency, phase congruency. These are unparalleled in any other light source, which brings a new development in the field of optoelectronic technology applications in various fields.
The basic composition and working mode of laser intrusion detector
Laser intrusion detector is a kind of active intrusion detector. Mainly composed of a laser transmitter and a laser receiver. The laser transmitter is composed of a laser transmitter, a modulated excitation power supply and a corresponding direction adjusting mechanism. The laser receiver is composed of a laser receiver, a photoelectric signal processor and a corresponding supporting mechanism.
The system is set up in the beginning of the end of the laser transmitter protection area, the directional emitting laser beam (or directly through the optical reflector or by turning toward the goal at the laser repeater). At the receiver at the destination through the photoelectric device will receive optical signals into signals, and the discriminator processing. When the confirmation signal is normal, showing a green light, keep monitoring state; when the light is shut off, the signal of arrhythmia, show red, while the output alarm signal, thus forming the laser beam on the whole journey or turning frame monitoring. The alarm and control actions are sent out by the alarm control host, and the relevant departments are informed by wired or wireless way. The laser intrusion detector power supply is DC 12VDC (11V~ ~ 16V) or AC 220VAC. The output end of the alarm signal is a non electric potential relay contact (normally open or normally closed), which can be connected with the universal alarm control host and auxiliary equipment.
Advantages of laser intrusion detector and alarm system
A) suitable for long distance work. The direction of the laser beam is very good, so the light energy is concentrated, and the transmission efficiency is very high. At the same time, the laser power density of the 100m or 200m is several hundred times of the power density of the infrared detector. So the transmission distance is farther, and stronger ability to penetrate the snow. In order to ensure the normal operation of the long distance and reduce the false alarm rate of bad weather.
B) closed circuit transmission, no mutual interference. The laser beam is a closed circuit transmission, so there is no infrared radiation detector in a straight line or adjacent to the system of mutual interference, can grow up from a continuous line layout or close to the cross layout. Also there is no leakage around the infrared interference of other sensitive infrared equipment problems.
C) the ability to resist external stray light and electromagnetic interference. Reasonable optical receiver and high power density transmitter make the system have strong anti-interference ability. It can make the system work normally in the environment of serious interference with the advantages of excellent monochromatic light and controllable spot size.
D) integrated layout, to adapt to a wide range of. Compared with the single infrared radiation detector, this product can be called laser integrated space layout system. The transmitting light beam can be used for receiving and turning back after the reflection and reflection, and also can form a plane and a three-dimensional layout. Can be very concealed fixed, can also be temporary mobility or dynamic security.
E) on site commissioning, easy maintenance. The system is provided with a special laser positioning device, which can conveniently detect the position of the spot. Propagation process where there are branches, leaves and other obstacles to shelter, turning or receiving the direction and distance of the center of the spot light direction and distance, can be directly determined, and thus able to accurately and quickly guide the adjustment work.
F) the overall project cost-effective, long service life, low maintenance costs. Careful design of the configuration scheme can make full use of the characteristics of the laser system, significantly reduce the cost of the purchase of equipment, reduce the amount of construction, reduce the impact on the environment. System maintenance, the replacement of the laser tube is very convenient. Some imported products do not have to be able to repair, local damage that is caused by a complete set of system scrapped.

Four, laser intrusion detectors and systems in the direction of maturity, to a better future
Since the laser intrusion detector was put into trial in 1999, it has been improved and perfected, and began mass production in 2002, and gradually realized the series of line, plane and solid products. For the first time in China launched a new product of two layer and four outdoor perimeter system. In Beijing, Liaoning, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities, outdoor perimeter, indoor laser door system after several seasons, high and low temperature environment disturbance, seismic, overall stability and reliability of the test, the system runs normally, and received a satisfactory result, by domestic and foreign counterparts. We have every reason to believe that the Chinese own high-tech flower will open more bright and colorful in the security fields and related fields.

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