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Application of laser intrusion alarm monitoring system in Substation

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1, overview
Power production and power construction is an important activity related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, the security of power facilities and power system is a powerful guarantee to ensure the normal operation of power production and power construction.
In recent years, with the deepening of the power system management system, the substation automation technology is also constantly progress, more and more mature, few people or unattended substation to become the main trend of substation construction and development. However, at the same time, the degree of automation of the substation is increasing, the proportion of the accidents caused by non electric factors is more and more high. In order to ensure the normal operation of the substation, to achieve economic security and efficiency, the implementation of a few people / unattended system, the establishment of a sound security system is particularly important.
Substation automation needs high supporting security system with high technology content, laser intrusion alarm is currently the most advanced domestic technology perimeter alarm detection instrument, the invisible laser beam to detect intrusions, can be used as the first barrier of security system, preventive measures to the accidents caused by non electrical factors to a minimum.
2, system design
The laser intrusion detection system and control system composed of laser intrusion alarm monitoring system, intrusion alarm system event, will produce linkage, start camera, automatic recording and open field lights, using a wired or wireless mode to transfer the signal to the control center through the transmission network, audible alarm.
3, program design
The front end of the system adopts the advanced technology, stable and reliable laser intrusion detector, to ensure the reliability and stability of the whole system. The laser detector is based on semiconductor laser emission source, with no visible laser beam forming a cordon by occlusion alarm way laser intrusion detection system for closed deployment or perimeter entrance. The laser detector is a kind of active intrusion detector, which is mainly composed of a laser transmitter and a laser receiver. In the infrared and electromagnetic interference sources, the laser detector has the characteristics of low false alarm rate, good stability, strong anti electromagnetic interference and convenient debugging.  
4, laser intrusion detector equipment layout description
Laser intrusion detector is used to detect the intrusion of illegal intruders. According to different occasions, it can be divided into the following.
The 4.1 perimeter line detection
The detector is composed of light wall laid into a multi-channel laser beam laser intrusion, for without walls in place situation, be laid from the ground up side wall of light, light wall height and number of laser beam can be determined according to the actual situation. Warning distance according to the need from tens of meters to a few kilometers can be, when the illegal cross line system alarm, linkage other equipment.
Applicable places: power plant, power plant, substation.
4.2 perimeter climbing wall detection
The walls of the occasion, can be used in the wall or in the wall of the side mounted laser intrusion detector, when illegal invaders climbing the walls, the inevitable occlusion laser beam, alarm system, other equipment linkage.
Applicable places: power plant, power plant, substation.
4.3 entrances intrusion alarm
In the office building, an important channel entrance door layout by multi-channel laser laser beam composed of the whole anti sealing gate, when the intruder through the gate, blocking any one laser beam system linkage alarm, other equipment, so that the intruder is trying to crawl or whether it is futile across the empty.
Applicable place: office building, important building and warehouse gate of power system
4.4 windows intrusion alarm
In the office building, warehouse, the windows of the important buildings or the inside of the window by the multi - laser beam consisting of a laser window, sealing the entire window, to prevent intruders from entering the window.
Application: power system office building, important building and warehouse window
The above mentioned is a more general layout, special applications can be designed in accordance with the actual situation of the design and installation of the way.
5 Application Prospects
With the rapid development of the electric power industry, the surge in the number of traditional substation, unattended substation is also gradually increased, in order to protect the device against intruders damage, all need the security system of successful traditional substation and unattended substation, and a measure of safety protection system success depends largely on the prerequisite of alarm monitoring system. With the laser detector and intrusion monitoring system, will be a new idea for alarm monitoring system, directional and covert performance characteristics such as laser detectors with strong anti electromagnetic interference, anti infrared interference and long distance detection capability, low false alarm rate, good in the substation, it is becoming more and more widely.

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