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Quality to win the market, technology to create the future

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    Tengzhou flying laser automation technology limited company ushered in the spring and a wonderful year.
    In the past year, companies of all employees work together, harvest fruits. In the wireless laser intrusion detector for PLA unit production through a number of military inspection and successful delivery. The products produced by the company independent research and development design, improve the laser beam stability is not offset, laser adjustment is more simple, in the remote normal bumps, ultra low temperature and high temperature environment, interference infiltration prevention function in the high-pressure water jet and the anti external environment related electromagnetic waves. Through a series of improvements to the company's products in the technology and quality of the development of a big step. At the same time, the employees have the courage to research and development, the courage to mobilize the enthusiasm of innovation.
    Companies are now actively organize various departments to carry out research and design of new products, and have achieved certain results. Especially in the field of intelligent transportation and industrial control has become mature. In December 14, 2007, the "news network", designed the production of ultra high laser detection instrument by the relevant departments of Beijing publicity and promotion, but also said at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games will use this product to install all of the Beijing overpass, then during the Beijing Olympic Games city road traffic capacity will be greatly improved. In the industrial automation, the company organized mainly by mechanical processing enterprises and technical personnel to conduct on-site inspection of the product and put forward valuable suggestions for more applications, through cooperation in various aspects, the laser photoelectric switch produced by the company has matured, has been applied to production field to many enterprises.
    In recent years, through continuous research and exploration, in the future development of the company, the management of the company is determined to benefit by mutual discussion, the "quality win market, technology to create the future" for the purpose, to focus on production management, and positioning in the development of future products of the company have made careful arrangements. I believe in the decision maker under the guidance of each product will be flying to more and more fields to each person will be flying toward the brilliant career here, every flying products will become the most excellent products. The laser will be the most trusted brand in China.

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